Welcome to TASA!

TASA welcomes all artists/educators and students to be part of an organization created at the request of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board in 1970.  It has been, and continues to be, a forum for art department faculty members at two-year and four-year public and private higher education institutions.

TASA has tackled important issues such as transfer credit between institutions and common numbering of art courses throughout the state’s institutions. Some of the most recent issues have included the dilemma facing photography programs regarding wet versus digital processing. In the past TASA made recommendations to the Coordinating Board concerning the 124-hour rule, mandated by the state legislature, for the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. As the future of higher education evolves and expands, TASA looks to continue addressing important issues that have a significant impact on students and curriculum. Membership in TASA provides a unique opportunity to be involved in these discussions and have an active role in Texas art education.

Annual TASA conferences are occasions for artists to exchange ideas ranging from higher education to artistic processes and theory. Conferences are held in different cities and colleges throughout Texas. Conferences feature a variety of lectures from artists, gallery representatives, and art historians discussing cutting edge ideas and relevant issues from today’s global art community. Hands on workshops ranging from instructional planning and organization to experimenting with various 2d and 3d studio media are showcased and open to all attendees. The TASA conference experience also provides time for members to network on many levels ranging from exhibition opportunities, employment opportunities, and professional collaborations. TASA invites you to join and participate in a unique organization that opens the lines of communication between art educators, students, and departments across the state!

-TASA Past President Omar Hernandez of El Centro College, Dallas TX