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Carol FairlieTASA President Carol Fairlie


Welcome to TASA!



Dates were October 1 - 3, 2015




Go to http://www.ttuartspractice.org for the conference web-site with a call for papers on the conference topic: ARTS PRACTICE RESEARCH.

Also see the Conference Blog for the 2015 Lubbock Conference for conference details, daily event information, and latest updates as they develop - http://texastechtasa.blogspot.com/

Check the Lubbock 2015 conference page for general information.



TASA Remembers TASA Co-Founder and Past President Denny Fraze

Denny Turner Fraze, 75, of Amarillo died October 31, at home. Denny Fraze was one of the three founding members of TASA. Denny served as the co-chair of the Core Curriculum Committee and as President of TASA in two different terms twenty years apart, hosting two of TASA’s state conventions in Amarillo. Amarillo College hired Denny to teach art courses in 1965. Two years later, he was named Professor of Art and Chairman of the Art Department. Read more from Denny's obituary...

In Denny's honor, Denny's friends and colleagues share their remembrances of him - read more on the TASA News page.




Report on TASA Meeting with the THECB on February 6, 2015

Here is the report (Word file and PDF file) of the meeting (Feb. 6, 2015) between Carol Fairlie, President of TASA and Richard Lubben (TASA Board Member) with Dr. Rex Peebles, Assistant Commissioner of THECB. It is an effective start with assertive and meaningful communication with THECB. But there is still work to be done and TASA is on it.

Master Syllabi - five master syllabi for the art studio classes that were approved by the THECB for the creative arts core area at South Texas College this fall:
ARTS2356 Master Syllabus (Microsoft Word file) ARTS2356 Master Syllabus (PDF file)
ARTS2348 Master Syllabus (Microsoft Word file) ARTS2348 Master Syllabus (PDF file)
ARTS2346 Master Syllabus (Microsoft Word file) ARTS2346 Master Syllabus (PDF file)
ARTS1316 Master Syllabus (Microsoft Word file) ARTS1316 Master Syllabus (PDF file)
ARTS1311 Master Syllabus (Microsoft Word file) ARTS1311 Master Syllabus (PDF file)

TASA thanks Carol Fairlie and Richard Lubben for their outstanding work. If you wish to extend your thanks and encouragement directly to Carol and Richard, please send your emails to rdlubben@southtexascollege.edu and fairlie@sulross.edu !

Creative Arts Core Component Area and Studio Art Courses

The below link is to Amarillo College’s 2013 core submissions and can be used as an example for your upcoming core proposals.  (Check with your institutional Curriculum Office for deadlines to the THECB.  South Texas College has a Nov. 15 deadline so it is coming up very soon.)  As you know, Amarillo College was the only institution that had studio courses accepted into the core by the THECB last year.  Please notice the use of key words and the amount of detail that seems to be required for an acceptable application.  To increase your chances for a successful application include an explanation of how each of the four core objectives will be covered and assessed and how each course fulfills the core objectives using a grading rubric.  We are no longer using Exemplarily Educational Objectives (EEO’s) so those along with the ACGM page number can be omitted from the application.  You should use the new CLO’s and course descriptions listed on the ACGM link below.  Lastly, please also find a letter of support from the TASA Board (link below) that you can print and include with your core inclusion requests when submitting through your college’s Curriculum Office in November.  We hope it will help explain how studio courses do belong in the Creative Arts Core Component Area.

Amarillo College Core Submissions:

Downloadable grading rubrics for core objectives and team member critique sheet.  Click on the “Competencies and Rubrics” link to download the general rubric form and modify for your department if needed.

ACGM Lower Division Academic Course Guide Manual:
Select “Studio Art & Art History” in the discipline areas and then click on “run”

Notice that several courses have revised course descriptions and Course Learning Outcomes (CLO’s).  Your Fall 2015 Master Syllabi should be updated with this new information when submitting your core inclusion justifications.  The staff member reviewing your core justifications will likely review your Master Syllabi when making his or her decision regarding approve or denial to the core.

TASA Letter to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
Subject: Creative Arts Core Component Area and Studio Art Courses
PDF file
Microsoft Word Document

TASA Core Survey Results (three survey summaries) - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/xwnzo61vyfses1r/AAAap8iJxRFTgOlBn_lOrnIpa?dl=0

Richard Lubben
Board Member (2011-2017) 
South Texas College
Art Dept., 3201 W. Pecan Blvd.
McAllen, TX 78501
956-872-2503 (secretary)


Welcome to TASA!

TASA welcomes all artists/educators and students to be part of an organization created at the request of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board in 1970.  It has been, and continues to be, a forum for art department faculty members at two-year and four-year public and private higher education institutions.

TASA has tackled important issues such as transfer credit between institutions and common numbering of art courses throughout the state’s institutions. Some of the most recent issues have included the dilemma facing photography programs regarding wet versus digital processing. In the past TASA made recommendations to the Coordinating Board concerning the 124-hour rule, mandated by the state legislature, for the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. As the future of higher education evolves and expands, TASA looks to continue addressing important issues that have a significant impact on students and curriculum. Membership in TASA provides a unique opportunity to be involved in these discussions and have an active role in Texas art education.

Annual TASA conferences are occasions for artists to exchange ideas ranging from higher education to artistic processes and theory. Conferences are held in different cities and colleges throughout Texas. Conferences feature a variety of lectures from artists, gallery representatives, and art historians discussing cutting edge ideas and relevant issues from today’s global art community. Hands on workshops ranging from instructional planning and organization to experimenting with various 2d and 3d studio media are showcased and open to all attendees. The TASA conference experience also provides time for members to network on many levels ranging from exhibition opportunities, employment opportunities, and professional collaborations. TASA invites you to join and participate in a unique organization that opens the lines of communication between art educators, students, and departments across the state!

-TASA Past President Omar Hernandez of El Centro College, Dallas TX


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