TASA President Carol Fairlie

TASA provides a forum for art department faculty members at two-year, four-year public and private higher education institutions an active role in discussing issues facing Texas art higher education while providing its members a chance to network on many levels ranging from exhibition opportunities, employment opportunities, and professional collaborations.




Photo Credit: Omar Hernandez.

Teaching in the arts requires a unique set of resources. As an organization we conduct surveys, provide standards, exhibition and job listings, and other opportunities for our members.  Through our advocacy, conferences, news, and website we provide our members with the tools they need.


San Antonio River walk sculpture “Fish” by Donald Lipski

San Antonio River walk sculpture “Fish” by Donald Lipski

 The world we teach in is rapidly changing, the challenges and obstacles we face are many. Whether it is the issue of constricted core curriculum, limitations on adjunct instructors or the changing concepts in teaching of core components, TASA conferences provide a meeting place to discuss, share and solve issues.