Highlights from Chinati Weekend Marfa Gallery Tour

Kruger Gallery
Artist: Rodrigo Lara Zendejas

Inspired by the Xin Dynasty terra cotta warriors and motivated by the threat of presidential nominee Donald Trump’s proposed wall, Lara constructed a life-size army of ceramic mariachi warriors bearing the likeness of immigrants who have crossed the border by foot. The Xoloitzcuintli, a sacred dog of the Aztecs, protects the double-faced soldiers, who are facing toward a new life yet simultaneously looking back to their homeland.  This exhibition was created specifically for Marfa where the majority of boarder patrol agents call home.

A  miniature modern day Xoloitzcuintli

Marfa Ballroom is featuring AFI which is an international collaboration organized by Whitechapel Gallery, London, that showcases emerging artists working in video and animation.

The Ballroom has supported the production of Ditherer, a newly commissioned virtual reality experience from the Institute. This project will use a HTC Vive VR headset to transport users into an infinite warehouse that features an assortment of products for sale and anticipates surreal, near-future shopping. IfNf is working with 3D artist Gary Tyler to create an experience that is both a commercial trap and an escapist fantasy. This installation will be hosted alongside the IfNf (newly-commissioned work from artist collective the Institute for New Feeling) video, objects from the Institute’s product line, and the other AFI 2016 international selections.

TASA member, Lisa Ehrich, Brookhaven College at Marfa Ballroom

Out and About

West, Far West: Lubbock / Marfa

This wonderful show in a very raw space showed off a collaborative spirit and great innovation with Texas Tech students, faculty and alumni

Hotel Paisano Atrium Gallery

Time Ghost

Eugene Binder Gallery: Frozen Territory

These magnificent paintings are reminiscent of Barnett Newman, Josef Albers and Ellsworth Kelly dashed with inventive minimalistic compositions and forms marked with vibrant red orange. Kremer, born 1971, is interested in a term “Art Scrub”, a photoshop technique where you can erase an image within the space. His paintings are magnificently aware of both the negative space within the paintings and how the paintings collectively work with each other and the gallery space. A powerful visual sensation is the result of this precision.

He was the founder of the ILYB (I Love you Baby) artist collective in Houston and owned two design studios called the Speared Peanut and Oilpan (currently).


Painter Paul Kremer: Paintings are acrylic on canvas

Mary Shaffer Studios
Glass and sculptural objects

These sculptural objects were spectacularly ethereal.

The Wrong Store and Gallery

Owned by artists Buck Johnson and Camp Bosworth
Unusual art objects and gallery artists

Hand carved door and gallery attached to the oldest cathedral in Marfa

Big Bend Museum at Sul Ross University