HOLLIS HAMMONDS' DRAWING BOOK: Drawing Structure: Conceptual & Observational Techniques

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Drawing Structure: Conceptual & Observational Techniques

This book provides an introduction to the technical aspects of representational drawing. Whether you have little to no experience with drawing, or have been drawing all of your life, this text is structured so that every student will leave with a set of analytic drawing tools, which will enable them to render almost any form realistically. As beginners, it is essential to learn the language of drawing through the study of representation. We will practice both conceptual and observational drawing techniques. We will first establish the conceptual rules of linear perspective, eye level, convergence and ideal volumes. Then, we will practice observing and recording the real world through perceptual tools and techniques. Once we begin to combine our observational skills with our conceptual knowledge, we will be able to embrace the limitless potential of drawing as an essential form of creation and expression.

Author(s): Hollis Hammonds
ISBN: 978-0-7575-6310-2
Edition: 1
Copyright: 2009
Pages: 154
Reduced Price: $40.00
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