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The 42nd Annual TASA conference in Austin, TX , was hosted by St. Edward's University. The 2010 conference theme, Art + Community, explored the open exchange of ideas, influences, policies and actions that artists and communities engage in both at the local and global level. We hope to explore the reciprocal relationships between art and community, with sub-themes ranging from environmental issues, green art and recycling to social activism, collaboration and community art. This theme also closely related to values found in the St. Edward's University mission. St. Edward's has three distinguishing characteristics: the courage to take risks, an international perspective, and the commitment to provide educational opportunities for students of varied cultural, religious, educational and economic backgrounds. Students at St. Edward's are helped to understand themselves, clarify their personal values and recognize their responsibility to the world community. We were excited to be able to bring the members of TASA to Austin for a fun-filled and exciting conference.

Keynote Speaker: Mel Chin

Mel chin

Mel chin

We are pleased to announce that Mel Chin, Houston born and internationally recognized artist, will be the keynote speaker for the 2010 TASA conference! You may know Mel from his appearance on the first season of the PBS series ART21 (Art in the Twenty First Century), or you may know him from the numerous projects he has done in the state of Texas. We are super excited that he was willing to join us to speak about art, activism, community and of course the FUNDRED DOLLAR BILL project.








Paul Hannah Lecture: Ken Little

ken little

ken little

Ken Little’s talk will cover his multi-faceted career, his artwork and its development over his lifetime.









One Cube Foot Exhibition

Honorable Mentions

1.  Ken Luce

2.  Kurt Dyrhaug

3.  Steffani Frideres

4.  Joe Clark


Faculty Show Awards

1.  Amy Gerhauser

2.  Karmien Bowman

3.  Roxana Tuff





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